Karen Cannell

Kscope Executive Officer

Karen is president of TH Technology, a consulting firm providing Oracle technology services, vice president of ODTUG and an Oracle ACE Director. A mechanical engineer by degree (one of them), she has analyzed, designed, developed, converted, upgraded, enhanced, and otherwise implemented legacy and commercial database applications for over 25 years, concentrating on Oracle technologies. She has worked with Application Express since its Web DB beginnings and continues to leverage Oracle tools to build quality web applications for government, medical, and engineering industries. Karen is editor emeritus of the ODTUG Technical Journal, a 2015 Oracle Developer Choice finalist, 2012 ODTUG Volunteer Award winner, and co-author of Expert Oracle Application Express, Agile Oracle Application Express, and Beginning Oracle Application Express 4.2. Karen is an active member of ODTUG, RMOUG, and NOUG.



  Michelle Hardwick

Analytics Content Chair

Michelle Hardwick is the director of data science & analytics at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). With over 60k students annually, SLCC is seen as an innovative leader among colleges. Michelle’s team provides all institutional reporting, statistics, research, analytics, and data science for the college. Her team focuses on providing data and insights to accomplish the school’s vision of being a model for inclusive and transformative education, strengthening the communities they serve through the success of their students.

Michelle also teaches masters level analytics courses at Utah State University. She is an Oracle ACE specializing in BI, analytics, and machine learning.

Jackie McIlroy

  Jackie McIlroy

APEX Content Chair

Jackie McIlroy is an Oracle APEX developer with over 13 years' of experience. She is the director of product & client services at United Codes with a focus on their products: APEX Office Print (AOP), APEX Media Extension (AME), APEX Project Eye (APE), and Plug-ins Pro. She is an Oracle ACE and graduate of the 2019 ODTUG Leadership Program. She maintains an APEX-related blog (jackiemcilroy.blogspot.com), is an organizer of the Dallas/Fort Worth Oracle APEX Meetup group, and is a volunteer admin of apex.world. Jackie enjoys mentoring new APEX developers and helping others create awesome APEX applications.


 Kim Berg Hansen

DB/Emerging Technologies/Modern App Development Content Chair

Kim Berg Hansen is a database developer from Middelfart in Denmark. Originally wanting to work with electronics, he almost coincidentally tried computer programming and discovered where his talent lay, as the programs he did worked well—unlike the electronics projects he soldered which often failed. After that experience, he progressed from Commodore Basic on VIC-20 over Modula-2 and C at Odense University to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, which he now has worked with extensively since 2000. His professional passion is to work with data inside the database, utilizing the SQL language to the fullest to achieve the best application experience for the users.

Kim shares his experience and knowledge by blogging, as the author of Practical Oracle SQL, presenting at various Oracle User Group conferences, and being the SQL quizmaster at the Oracle Dev Gym. His motivation is when peers go “now I understand” after his explanations, or when end users “can’t live without” his application coding. He is certified Oracle OCE in SQL as well as an Oracle ACE Director. Outside the coding world Kim is married, loves to cook, and is a card-carrying member of Danish Beer Enthusiasts association.


aceicon_0000_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Associate_rgb.png Sara Beth Good

EPM Content Chair

Sara Beth Good is a principal consultant with over ten years of experience in the Oracle EPM world. Sara Beth has extensive consulting experience and spends most of her time implementing planning solutions for clients but has experience across the suite of Oracle EPM products.

aceicon_0000_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Associate_rgb.png Kurt Mayer

EPM Content Chair

Kurt has been living and breathing Analytics & Reporting, Business Intelligence, and Data Integration for nearly four decades -- the past two of which he has enjoyed working in the Oracle EPM/BI space. Hailing from both corporate and consulting worlds, it has allowed him to hold diverse positions in a wide range of industries, including food & restaurant, retail, insurance, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. As a Solutions Architect, he specializes in the design, delivery, and support of solutions for both on-premises and cloud-based projects, utilizing Hyperion EPM, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle Analytics. A well-received speaker, Kurt has presented at Kscope18, Kscope21, North Central Oracle Applications User Group (NCOAUG) Training Days, Michigan Oracle Users Summit (MOUS), and Northeast Joint Oracle User Group Meeting (NEOAUG). Kurt is a longtime member of both ODTUG and OATUG, and volunteers with the ODTUG Analytics Community in various committees and capacities.


Neviana Zhgaba

Vendor Chair

Neviana is a Digital Finance and Analytics Manager with 10 years of experience leading cross-functional teams in implementing global financial services solutions with the goal of digitizing and transforming FP&A, Controllership, Audit, Risk Management, Wealth Management business processes using Agile methodologies and a varied suite of technical products. She holds a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Fairfield University, and has attended numerous leadership trainings at the General Electric Crotonville Development Center. She is also the co-founder of Aquila's Nest Vineyards, where her passion for community engagement, women empowerment, photography, the arts, interior design, social media and marketing has strongly influenced Aquila's Nest's brand identity and business strategy.

Tim German 72res.jpg

 Tim German

ODTUG President, Board Liaison

Tim German is a director at Qubix with 20 years of experience in the Oracle Analytics and EPM space. Tim has volunteered for ODTUG in a variety of roles since 2011 and currently serves on the board as president in addition to his conference committee duties. He was recognized as an Oracle ACE in 2015, and as an Oracle ACE Director in 2018. Tim contributes to various discussion forums, is a regular conference speaker, and blogs at CubeCoder.com.